About Construction Consulting Laboratory (CCL)

Since 1974

Construction Consulting Laboratory (CCL) has the largest and finest testing facility available for the dynamic testing of full size exterior wall mock-ups and has a long history of testing building enclosure systems, throughout the United States, it is a recognized international testing laboratory.  The facility and equipment is continually being updated and maintained in top functional performance.  Additional testing services have been developed in the last few years allowing for certified testing of building enclosure components for approval for Dade County Florida and the Texas Department of Insurance Windstorm Code.  All of us at the laboratory are proud to present one of the largest and capable testing facilities in US! 

Construction Consulting Laboratory, specializes in testing the building envelope and it's components for Architects, General Contractors, Installation Contractors, Product Manufacturers, Developers, and Building Owners. 

Our facility can test full-scale curtain wall mock-ups in our standard chambers from 36 feet wide and 39 feet high, testing for air infiltration, static and dynamic water penetration, structural, seismic testing, thermal and condensation resistance. Larger chambers can be built to accommodate larger mock-ups.  Field air and water, impact testing of glazing products, special products testing are also available. The laboratory is also equipped to perform window and door testing as well as missile impact testing.  Developing custom testing equipment is our specialty.